At ZADD TRANSLATE, we’ve built a new kind of a communication company that helps global clients and organizations communicate flawlessly in a rapidly changing Arab world, by providing mission-critical translation support. We eliminate the Arabic-English language barrier and ensure clear and effective communication, delivering the right message to the right audience, for clients in specific sectors such as management consulting, legal, and NGOs. We integrate translation seamlessly into our clients’ communication value chain, effectively becoming their in-house translation team.

ZADD Translate was founded in 2012 to to fill the niche of “mission critical” translation in the Arab region.

Mission critical translation is for organizations where translation is an essential function; and where speed, quality, and accuracy of communication are critical for their success.

We have set out to meet these demanding requirements by following a different approach to other service providers – while virtually all choose to farm out work to a network of freelancers; we, on the other hand, opted to build our own in-house team of highly experienced professional translators and sector specialists. That approach, we believe, is essential for achieving that higher level of quality, responsiveness and availability that our customers demand.


About ZADD

Ultimately we want our clients to feel we are their in-house team, out of the box: a source of talent and skills at their fingertips, always on and ready. It’s a business approach that not only is flexible and cost effective, but also consistently delivers better quality of execution, better results and, above all, enables our clients to focus on what makes them great.

Learn more about ZADD at www.zadd.co

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