Translation with real-world expertise: well-versed in the lingo of key industry sectors

Whether your work is in economic and social development, corporate governance, BPR or any other aspect of management consulting; we have the expertise to deliver high quality contextually accurate translations tailored for your target audience.


When working with governments, NGOs or other missions in the Arabic region, precision is key – now more so than ever. When handling sensitive material, our clients trust us to deliver accurate, localized and culturally-attentive translations.

We understand the needs of the legal profession and can deliver time-sensitive, high quality translations. Our team has vast experience in translating laws and legislations, legal contracts, and all litigation related documents.


This industry continues to grow rapidly across the Arab World, and we are able to precisely translate industry-specific, technical material into Arabic, accurately conveying the key terms without losing the message.
400 million people speak Arabic as a first language, and the Arab World is a strategically important, rapidly growing market. Its changing political and social contexts and its cultural and linguistic nuances mean that there is much more to communicating here than one might expect.

ZADD TRANSLATE is the partner of choice of organizations and corporations who want to eliminate the Arabic-English language barrier and ensure clear and effective communication – delivering the right message to the right audience.
Partner with ZADD TRANSLATE to eliminate the Arabic-English language barrier and ensure clear, effective communication.

How it works

Understanding your context. Learning your style
We get to know our clients and understand their industries. We analyze their communication challenges and recreate their style of communication. Only then can we deliver the adaptive, sector-specific, mission-critical translations that eliminate language barriers.
Making translation an integral part of your business process
We work with organizations for whom translation and cross cultural communication is a strategic ongoing need. Our in-house translation team becomes your dedicated translation department, fully integrated within your organization.
Seamless, reliable, and secure delivery
Our delivery process emphasizes quality, responsiveness, availability, and rapid turnaround times. Our delivery platform ensures speed, privacy and security and can fully integrate with our clients’ systems and procedures.
  • “We have dealt with a number of language service firms, and ZADD has impressed us as the best. ZADD’s product is consistently delivered on time and is of the highest quality. Their customer service is impeccable, and their management team is always available.”

    — William F. Coffield, Partner, Coffield Law Group